CrickEZ™ System

The CrickEZ™ System with Quicket® adjustable pre-cut roof crickets.

Watch and see if Quicket® can help your roof.

Helping low slope membrane roofs drain better and last longer with the CrickEZ™ System. Ideal for single-ply tapered roof insulation layout.

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Save labor and avoid waste 5 ways:






Quicket® – Packaged and ready for EPDM, TPO, PVC and BUR membrane roofs.

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Polyiso and polystyrene roof insulations work with the CrickEZ™ System.

Current practices of commercial low slope membrane roof installation frequently result in up to 50% unnecessary cricket waste. Field cut sumps, valleys, hips and ridges of tapered insulation sheets also create 50% material waste. Roof top fabrication of crickets means unnecessary material waste at the job site. These light weight material trimmings must be collected and stored by the roof contractor until disposed of into landfills across the country.

The CrickEZ™ System incorporates Quicket® adjustable pre-cut roof crickets in an environmentally friendly way. Greater material stewardship is accomplished by fostering size adjustment of roof crickets without cutting up the tapered insulation. Decreasing the quantity of roof top waste helps limit the risk and potential liability from wind blown roof hazards and debris. Using Quicket® helps improve the commercial roof installation process. Less time spent on crickets means more time available to complete the roof installation process. Eliminating ponds of standing water will improve the long term performance of single ply and multiple ply roofs. Specifying Quicket® can help benefit building owners, users and installers.  “Saving landfills one roof at a time!”

Did you know that sustainable pre-cut roof crickets are successfully installed and working on the majority of commercial membrane roofs throughout Alaska?

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