The Best Kept Secret In Roofing

Secret (s) in the world of roofing.

As I talk with roofing professionals throughout the US, they are often surprised to hear that the majority of roofs in Alaska are insulated with expanded polystyrene (EPS).  Most designers are more familiar with polyisocyanurate as a roof insulation, especially in the “lower 48” states.

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When visiting Alaska many travelers will fly into Anchorage and Fairbanks where acres of airport terminal roofs are all insulated with EPS roof insulation. Cruise ships stop in Juneau and Seward where the Mendenhall High School and Seward Sealife Center are insulated with EPS.

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Major events in Alaska are hosted in convention centers, sports arenas, museums and performing arts centers, all of which have EPS roof insulation sustaining comfort and saving energy.

The tremendous popularity and success of EPS roof insulation throughout Alaska is one of the best kept secrets in roofing today.

In the future we will visit many of these projects to discuss sustainable roof construction in the harsh climate of Alaska.


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