The “cornerstone” has been a key building component in construction for thousands of years.  This specific starting point is the basis from which the rest of the foundation and structure are measured and built.

More than three thousand years ago one of the worlds wealthiest men asked “who laid it’s cornerstone?”*  A famous king also mentioned- “the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”*  About twenty-seven hundred years ago man named Isaiah described- “a precious cornerstone of a sure foundation.”*

Two thousand years ago a highly educated world traveler named Paul discussed a person and the cornerstone.  Even a hard working fisherman from Galilee knew about the cornerstone and said- “whoever believes in him will not be put to shame.”

The CrickEZ™ System was developed as a product with a “cornerstone”, a specific starting point from which each roof cricket is assembled thus simplifying the process and avoiding wasted time and material.

Cornerstone, Best kept secret

Further reading on this subject can be found in the best selling book of all time.

*References (1) Job 38:6, (2) Psalm 118:22,  (3) Isaiah 28:16,  (4) Ephesians 2:20,  (5) 1 Peter 2:6,

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