Cover Boards

Roofing Cover Boards.

Cover boards placed between the roof insulation and the roof membrane provide support for the membrane and a firm substrate for adhesion. This layer of protection over the insulation helps resist roof membrane damage and leaks caused by hail storms, construction traffic and fire in certain cases.
Cover board, fiber board, single-ply membrane substrate, BUR substrate, hail damage

Cover board types include: high density fiber board, oriented strand board, plywood, gypsum, silicone based gypsum boards and cement based composites.Cover boards, OSB, single-ply membrane substrate, BUR substrate

Installation methods: loose laid, adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted.Cover board, Plywood, adhered single-ply roof membrane, EPDM

Roof assemblies with polystyrene or polyisocyanurate foam plastic insulation can both benefit from the proper use of roofing cover boards.

Contact your roofing material supplier regarding the right product for you.