Quicket® Pre-cut Crickets

Pre-cut Crickets that adjust with Quicket®

Quicket® adjustable pre-cut crickets are engineered to help building owners gain better quality roofs that drain well and pond less. Pre-cut roof crickets and saddles help roof installers to avoid unnecessary waste on the roof with simple efficient installation.

Pre-cut crickets - Tapered roof insulation layout - CrickEZ™ System - Quicket® - TPO, PVC, EPDM single ply roofing

Are you paying to ship extra material from manufacturer > to supplier > to job site > to landfill? Quicket ® pre-cut crickets are packaged for supply chain efficiency. Requires less storage and transportation resources. Installs with less labor.

Low slope single ply roofing, Tapered Insulation pre-cut roof cricket, saddle, sump

Roof crickets (saddles) used for decades. Helps to eliminate water that ponds on low-slope membrane roofs. Single ply roofs and BUR roofs that drain well usually last longer. Traditional roofing methods create up to 50% unnecessary job-site waste without pre cut roof crickets. Improve your tapered roof insulation performance with Quicket® pre-cut crickets and sustainable roofing solutions.

Request Quicket® pre-cut crickets today as part of your tapered insulation roof system.

The CrickEZ™ System is designed for quality sustainable roofs with Quicket® pre-cut crickets.

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