The CrickEZ Journey

Experiencing assorted climates, conditions and unbelievable natural beauty during the three-week drive from Alaska to Florida. From the vast expanse of the Yukon Territory (where bison can out number autos on the highway during “rush hour”) to the urban areas where millions of people and the diverse structures that house them dot the skyline.

The CrickEZ Journey

Remembering twenty-nine years in Alaska, the opportunities, challenges and walking hundreds of roofs throughout the frontier state.  Remote, urban or rural, it did not matter since all were impacted by sun, hail, rain, wind and snow. Twenty-five of those years were spent designing, manufacturing and supplying custom tapered roof insulation systems to solve roof drainage problems.

The arctic is a place where the summer sun can shine almost 24 hours a day pushing temperatures up into the 90’s, yet winter cold can reach minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit! The task of fabricating and shipping the right roof insulation product to remote areas of Alaska kept us busy while assisting architects, engineers and owners with their building insulation needs. Roof contractors became our friends as they increased production and profitability while eliminating excess waste using pre-cut roof crickets and custom tapered insulation.

Sustainable roof design,The CrickEZ Journey

Pre-cut crickets played a significant role in Alaska reducing landfill waste, yet our recent travels throughout the “lower 48” states revealed something different. Across the U.S. it appears that many contractors still fabricate crickets on the job site and end up sending 30 to 50 percent waste from the roof to the landfill. The solution is for designers to specify products like Quicket® adjustable pre-cut crickets. The CrickEZ System is appropriate for most single-ply roof systems including EPDM, TPO, PVC as well as built-up (BUR) designs.

The CrickEZ Journey. "Sustainable Roof"  What does it mean? best kept secret


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