EZ for Installers

Installers save labor with Quicket® pre-cut adjustable crickets.

Do you still cut your crickets while on the roof? Are you chasing insulation scraps when you could be finishing the roof installation? Are you delivering unnecessary job site waste to the landfill when you could be finishing more squares of roof? The CrickEZ system allows you to simplify the work reducing labor costs and job site waste up to 50% — Start saving both time and money with Quicket®.

A place to start-

Quicket starter pack, roof cricket, installers, single-ply roof

Quicket® Starter Pack adjusts into 3 separate sizes without waste. 

For additional sizes up to 79 feet see the Quicket® Size Guide.

Quicket sizes,  CrickEZ™ System, roof installers, suppliers single-ply roof insulation, taper roof insulation

How do I choose the right size?

Draw a bird’s eye view of your roof with the CrickEZ ™ Sketch Pad to measure and note drain locations indicating distance from the walls and other drains.

Sketch pad and order form for tapered roof insulation layout, installers